How does a stem cell therapy work?

Stem cells play an important role in regenerative medicine.
In stem cell therapy, stem cells (as well as other important cells) are isolated from the adipose tissue (usually abdominal fat) and transplanted to the desired location, in orthopeadics in joints, at tendons or muscles. If there is a corresponding stimulus, stem cells can in principle develop into any desired tissue, but the main function is to initiate regenerative processes by releasing messenger substances.

Stem cell therapy in detail:

1. Extraction of fat tissue
during a liposuction approximately 75ml of adipose tissue is obtained, usually from the abdominal fat pad. Other regions like thighs or gluteal area are possible. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.
2. Procession of adipose tissue
in an enzymatic and mechanical procedure, that takes about 60min, the fat is separated from the valuable cells, called the CVF (stromal vascular fraction, containing stem cells).
Quality and quantity of these cells have a huge influence on the outcome.
3. Application of stem cells
The CVF will be transplanted to the desired area, usually via an injection. Also i.v. treatments are possible.
The overall time for the treatment takes about 3 hours and is an outpatient procedure.
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