Questions and answers about stem cell therapy

In principle every patient is eligible, except patients who do not tolerate liposuction due to poor general condition.

The therapy takes place in the operating theatre of a private clinic. An anaesthetist is present for monitoring.

The quality of the stem cells deteriorates with age. Nevertheless, it is usually older patients who are about to undergo joint replacement and want to try therapy, sometimes with astonishingly good results.

The therapy can be repeated any number of times.

This is possible, but the liposuction must then be expanded in order to obtain a larger number of stem cells.

No specific side effects are known when used properly. The general surgical risks of liposuction and puncture apply.

Experience has shown that improvement takes place after 4-7 months.

Basically, all fat reserves are suitable in addition to belly fat. If necessary, several liposuctions must be carried out at different locations.

Stem cell therapy is not paid for by insurance companies.

I am happy to inform you about the possibilities of regenerative medicine without obligation:
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